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"Passion" is an opera that tells the story of a woman who falls deeply in love with a man named “He”. They share a strong passion and tenderness, but their happiness is short-lived when war separates them. The woman is heartbroken and doesn't know how to continue without her beloved. She considers ending her own life, but “She” finds hope and draws on the memories of their love to carry on.


As “She” faces life without "Him", “She” realizes that their love is strong enough to sustain “Her”. Although “He” is no longer with “Her”, their love remains a part of “Her”. Passion is an emotional journey that explores the depths of the human heart and the resilience of the human spirit. This production takes listeners on a memorable journey through the highs and lows of love and loss.


Opera in one act, five scenes and Prologue

The opera sang partly in English and mainly in Ukrainian

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Music and Libretto Oleksandr Yukhymovych

Poetry Lina Kostenko

Chief Conductor Oleksandr Yukhymovych

Stage directing and Choreography Francesco Bekkema

Costumes Nicky Moesch

SHE Violeta Samon

The Reader Anna Marie Westerveen

7 images Anastasia Bogatikova, Andreea Agiurgioaei,

Beatriz Boto, Nora Tarraf, Francisca Djacabi,

Malena Hoffmann, Sarah Mayer

Orchestra of Conservatorium Maastricht

Choir of Conservatorium Maastricht

Choir Conductor Zizhang Wang

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Photos by Oleksandr Tomashchuk

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The Concept behind Passion:

A Universal Story 

"Passion" was conceived as an opera that could tell a universal story, one that would resonate with a wide audience. To achieve this, the main characters are simply known as She and He, representing the countless people who have experienced the kind of love and loss that they embody. The intention is that everyone can find something of themselves in the story.


To help guide the audience through the emotional journey of the opera, there is a character known as "Reader". "The Reader" acts as an inside voice, providing the audience with insights, questions and stories to deepen their connection with the characters and their experiences.


Oleksandr Yukhymovych
Oleksandr Yukhymovych
Chief Conductor
Francesko Bekkema
Francesko Bekkema
Stage directing and Choreography
Zizhang Wang
Zizhang Wang
Choir Conductor


Violeta Samon
Violeta Samon
Soprano (SHE)
Anne Marie Westerveen
Anne Marie Westerveen
Voice over (The Reader)